Food Systems and Safety


The Influence of Packaging on the Perception of Quick-Service Sandwiches

Clemson Extension Program Team

Food Systems and Safety

Publication Date

Summer 7-26-2022

Publication Number

LGP 1150


Restaurateurs should know that not all sandwich packages are created equal. Researchers repackaged beef and chicken sandwiches in four different materials: a paper wrap and three different clamshells. While the packaging did not significantly influence the flavor of the food, there were differences found across the packages. The paper wrap received the lowest ratings. EPS foam and F-flute corrugated received the highest scores in terms of functional properties. As far as environmentally friendly, natural, modem, and premium attributes, F-flute corrugated clamshells received the highest ratings from consumers.

Publication Type

Short Communication


Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

Target Audiences

Restaurateurs, Agribusiness, food companies