Submission Guidelines for 4H Youth Development

Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension provides science-based, peer-reviewed publications written by Extension personnel and university scientists for professional stakeholder audiences.

The Land-Grant Press outlet of scholarly work differs from refereed research articles that are written for academic audiences.

  • Land-Grant Press does not accept full research articles.
  • Land-Grant Press publications are required to have at least one ‘in-text’ citation utilizing the CSE citation-sequence system (see last bullet below).
  • With regard to the style guide for the main publication content, authors should utilize Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) guide for Land-Grant Press publications. A list of commonly used style instances is available in the "CMOS Common Style Instances" file available for download.
  • With regard to formatting the end references lists, authors should utilize CSE Scientific Style and Format guide. A list of various reference format examples can be found on the second page of the "Common Style Instances" file available for download.

  • Please contact the Managing Editor with any questions about style or formatting.

    Managing Editor: Dawn Anticole White, MMC, (864) 656-9872

    How to Submit a Publication

    1. Using an approved Land-Grant Press template (see Blank Template for download in left sidebar), submit your publication as a Microsoft Word file using the “Submit Publication” link in the left sidebar. Submissions must include at least one image in the publication content.

    2. You will be required to create an account if you do not already have one set up in this system. This is NOT the same login as your Clemson user ID.

    3. If you are creating a new account, you will receive a "Confirm Your Account" email with an activation link.

    4. After activating your account, you will be taken to the Submission Agreement page. Please read the terms carefully, check the box at the bottom, and select “Continue” to accept the terms.

    5. Next you will be taken to the submission form to provide author contact info and publication details as well as:

    • brief summary that states key takeaways (75 words or less)
    • minimum of 5 keywords
    • target audience
    • suggested media outlets (traditional and social) the publication could be promoted to
    • two or more potential external reviewers (not from Clemson University) who are experts in the subject matter
    • 1 photograph or image file (jpg preferred) that is included in your publication or related to your publication topic, as it will display as the 'featured' image on

    Overview of the Peer-Review Process

    1. The entire review and revision process may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, unless it is to be expedited in the case of time-sensitive submittals.

    2. Reviewers are sent an ‘invitation to review’ email through the review system.

    3. Reviewers are given 3 weeks to provide their review.

    4. Reviewers upload review feedback into system, including their recommendation for acceptance and / or revisions.

    5. Review feedback is evaluated by editorial members.

    6. Author is notified of editorial decision and provided with review feedback.

    7. Repeat steps 1-4 if major revisions are requested

    8. Final versions are reviewed by the consulting editors for approval. Additional edits may be requested.

    Accepted publications are posted on