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patent number 5429640


A femoral intramedullary rod has a thin or reduced proximal segment so as to provide room for the use of femoral hip screws. Use of the rod for femoral shaft fixation permits subsequent independent treatment of an ipsilateral femoral hip fracture as an isolated injury, regardless of whether initially detected. Different rod embodiments are formed by the omission of different proximal portions of the rod. It is in such portions that the femoral screws may be placed to set hip fractures. The rod is cannulated for installation over a guide wire. Internal rod threads, below the thin proximal segment in some embodiments, are used for initial installation of the rod with a driving member screwed into such threads. Without driving forces on the thin proximal segment, such segment can be made even thinner. Once the rod is seated, hip screws may be installed if there is a detected hip fracture. Subsequent to healing, the femoral screws and interlocking screws (if any) may be removed. A hollow reamer sized for clearance over the intramedullary rod may be placed down over the top of the rod to cut away any bony tissue ingrown into the proximal end. Thereafter, the rod is extracted with a suitable extraction device.

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Clemson University (Clemson, SC); Greenville, Hospital System (Greenville, SC)

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