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H01S 3/0612 (20130101); C30B 7/10 (20130101); C30B 29/34 (20130101); H01S 3/1691 (20130101); C30B 29/28 (20130101); C30B 29/30 (20130101); H01S 3/1611 (20130101); H01S 3/0604 (20130101); H01S 3/0606 (20130101); H01S 3/1643 (20130101); H01S 2301/02 (20130101); Y10T 428/21 (20150115)


Single crystals are described that contain several regimes within the crystal that perform different functions related to the enhanced performance of a laser gain medium. At least one regime of the single crystals can be utilized to suppress amplified spontaneous emission and parasitic oscillation in a laser gain medium. A single crystal can include core and cladding regions, the cladding region providing amplified spontaneous emission suppression. The core region of the crystal can include as dopant one or more ions that take part in the lasing when suitably pumped. The amplified spontaneous emission suppression region can include as dopant one or more ions that can prevent additional spontaneous emission that can to depletion of the upper laser states, thus reducing laser performance including one or more ions that absorb spontaneously emitted photons and/or a higher concentration of the active lasing ions of the core.

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June 21, 2013


Clemson University Research Foundation (Clemson, SC)

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June 21, 2013

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