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A23G 3/0006 (20130101); A23G 3/0012 (20130101); A23G 3/0042 (20130101); A23G 3/0044 (20130101); A23G 3/36 (20130101); A23G 3/362 (20130101); A23G


The present invention is directed to a continuous process for making a high solids confectionery product containing agar-agar using high temperature short time processing. The process comprises (a) preparing a homogenous mixture comprising agar-agar, an agar-agar dispersing agent in an amount sufficient to disperse and suspend the agar-agar to control hydration when in contact with water and heat, a sweetening effective amount of a sweetener, and water, said homogenous mixture containing a solids content ranging from about 60% to about 80% by weight solids; (b) feeding the homogenous mixture of step (a) to a heating apparatus having an inlet and outlet with heating means interposed therebetween, and subjecting said mixture to a high temperature short time continuous process under conditions sufficient to cook and concentrate the mixture and to evaporate the water to form water vapor; (c) removing the formed water vapor formed in step (b); and (d) cooling said mixture, thereby forming a high solids confectionery product, all of said steps (a), (b) (c) and (d) being conducted in a continuous process.

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