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Patent Number 3635004


A general purpose, self-propelled, orchard machine has a rectangular vertical frame mounted on driven and steerable wheels with the machine straddling fruit trees and supporting an operator who, through a single hydraulic system, controls the movements of the machine and the operation of the arrangements carried thereby. The frame has collapsible front and rear sections whereby the width thereof is reduced for travel on public roadways and also has opposing side sections that support laterally inwardly and outwardly movable fruit catching sections disposed adjacent the bottom of the machine which carries an overlying tree shaker. Such catching sections have caster wheels and are moved apart as the machine straddles a tree and brought together to encircle the tree and catch the falling fruit which is transported rearwardly and then laterally of the machine by conveyors associated with the catching sections. In spraying, trimming or otherwise treating fruit trees, the catching sections are removed and the frame sections carry appropriate spraying, cutting and other arrangements.

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