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Patent Number 3895589


A seed planter with means for injecting liquid solutions into the soil while planting the seeds. The implement includes a frame which is adapted to be mounted behind a tractor. A hopper is mounted on the frame and a shank extends downwardly from the hopper to support a sweep at the lower end of the shank. The sweep is wedge shaped at the forward end and has an opening provided at the rearward end. A spray nozzle is mounted inside the sweep and positioned to spray a liquid solution rearwardly through the opening. A seed trench is formed by a runner opener at the lower end of the shank in front of the sweep. A seed guide extends downwardly through the interior of the shank and is aligned with an opening in the bottom of the sweep behind the opener. Tines along the rearward portion of the sweep above the opening allow increased penetration of the spray from the nozzle into the soil. Flanges on the bottom of the sweep close and compact the soil over the seed. A gauge wheel on the implement frame meters the supply of seeds from the hopper. A liquid storage container may be mounted on the frame and connected with a conduit extending through the shank to supply liquid to the nozzle in the sweep.

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Cotton Incorporated (New York, NY)

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