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Patent Number 3947599


A process for making fat-free flavorless peanut flakes having utility as a high protein food extender by forming an aqueous mix of finely ground raw peanuts, or raw peanuts from which a part of the oil has been removed by mechanical pressure, drying the mix into a thin stratum, and extracting the oil with a solvent such as hexane. The process includes making full-fat, or partially defatted, flavorless shelf-stable peanut flakes or flour by the removal of volatile flavor compounds from an aqueous emulsion-suspension of finely ground raw peanuts, heating the emulsion-suspension to high temperatures, and dehydrating the cooked emulsion-suspension. Antioxidants and metal complexing agents may be added to the emulsion-suspension prior to dehydration. The aqueous suspension-emulsion is useful for preparation of milk-like beverages after removal of volatile flavor compounds, before or after dehydration. Defatted, partially defatted, and full-fat peanut flakes are useful in formulations for sandwich spreads, confections, imitation meat-type items, breakfast cereals and in peanut butter to modify consistency and reduce stickiness in the mouth, and as extenders for meat poultry, and fish.

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