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Patent Number 4062197


An improved heating or cooling system based on absorption principles is disclosed and claimed herein. A closed system is provided with a refrigerant-absorbent solution where separation of the refrigerant-absorbent is accomplished by a semi-permeable membrane. The refrigerant-absorbent solution at its normal concentration is pumped under pressure to a membrane separation unit where the refrigerant is selectively passed through a membrane separator in some proportion while a remaining absorbent enriched refrigerant-absorbent solution is rejected. The membrane separated refrigerant is then circulated through a heat exchange leg of the system for heating and/or cooling of affected areas depending upon the particular treatment of the refrigerant. At the end of the heat exchange leg, the refrigerant is fed to an absorber where it is recombined with the absorbent enriched solution to reconstitute the original refrigerant-absorbent solution which is then recirculated by the pump and the cycle is repeated. The apparatus and process of heat transfer systems utilizing the present membrane separation are claimed.

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