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Patent Number 5628736


The present invention provides a resilient fluid transporting network suitable for use in absorbent articles. The fluid transport network includes a plurality of bicomponent capillary channel fibers capable of intra-fiber fluid transport. The fibers have a base portion and at least two walls extending from the base portion to form an external capillary channel. The walls and the base portion are made of a first polymeric material which has a first melting point temperature. The distal ends of the capillary channel walls are made of a second polymeric material which has a second melting point temperature lower than the first melting point temperature. When heat is applied to the bicomponent fibers at a temperature below the first melting point temperature and above the second melting point temperature the bicomponent fibers bond together at their distal ends to form an interconnected network of capillary channel fibers capable of inter-fiber fluid transfer between the capillary channels of the bonded capillary channel fibers.

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