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patent number 4838341


Apparatus is provided for fabricating continuous metal strip composed of a low density, readily oxidizable aluminum based alloy. The alloy is cast directly from the metal through a slotted nozzle onto a moving chill substrate. A scraping mechanism located upstream of the nozzle is adapted to ride on the substrate and remove therefrom the gaseous boundary layer associated therewith. Disposed between the scraping mechanism and the nozzle is a gas supply mechanism adapted to introduce a replacement gas that is carried by the substrate to the nozzle. A shielding means configured to form a semi-enclosed chamber around the nozzle and the substrate apparatus to direct and confine the replacement gas in the vicinity of the nozzle. The alloy preferably has the form of a foil and a composition consisting essentially of about 10 to 13 weight percent silicon, 0 to 3 weight percent magnesium, 0 to 4 weight percent copper, 0 to 0.2 weight percent of at least one of bismuth, phosphorous, strontium, lithium, scandium, yttrium, sodium and calcium and 0 to 2 weight percent of at least one of the rare earth elements, the balance being aluminum and incidental impurities.

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Allied Signal Inc. (Morris Township, NJ)

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164/423, 164/475