Designs for wide band antennas with parasitic elements and a method to optimize their design using a genetic algorithm and fast integral equation technique

Chalmers M. Butler
Shawn D. Rogers

Document Type Patent


A method for applying an algorithm to facilitate the design of wideband omnidirectional antennas, and the design of sleeve cage monopole and sleeve helix units includes rapid resolution of a complex relationship among antenna components to yield an optimal system. A genetic algorithm is used with fitness values for design factors expressed in terms to yield optimum combinations. Cage antennas are optimized via a genetic algorithm for operation over a wide band with low VSWR. Genetic algorithms and an integral equation solver are employed to determine the position and lengths of parasitic wires around a cage antenna in order to minimize VSWR over a band. The cage may be replaced by a normal mode quadrifilar helix for height reduction and with re-optimized parasites.