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patent number 4716044


An improved process for obtaining juice from fruit. The fruit is processed to provide a pumpable fluid puree of fruit and juice which is pumped at pressures in a range of from about 100 to about 1000 pounds per square inch in a single pass through a rigid porous tubular housing having a diameter of from about 5/8 inch to about six inches and having a food grade ultrafiltration membrane deposited on inside surfaces of same. Initial permeability (P) of the membrane to water is from about 1 to about 15 according to the formula ##EQU1## where permeate flux is gallons of water passing through a square foot of membrane area per day and pressure is measured in pounds per square inch. Exit pressure from the housing is maintained in a range of from about 50 to about 100 pounds per square inch. Clear, commercially sterile juice with the taste and aroma of fresh fruit can be obtained at juice yields of at least about 78%.

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Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

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