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patent number 7754183


The present invention discloses a relatively simple CVD method for forming specifically tailored carbon-based nanostructures. In general, the method is a chemical vapor deposition method in which at least a portion of the precursor materials are provided as a liquid at atmospheric conditions. The precursor materials include at least one carbon source and at least one catalyst source. Optionally, the precursor materials can also include one or more dopant sources. The carbon source and the optional dopant source can be injected as liquids into the system, and the liquid catalyst source can be either injected into the system or located on a substrate in the reactor prior to the process. Very high yield of nanostructures exhibiting particular characteristics can be attained by the process. Control of electrical characteristics as well as structural characteristics of the products are possible via control of process parameters including the particular precursors used as well as the relative amounts of the precursors used.

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