Elastin stabilization of connective tissue

Narendra R. Vyavahare
Jason C. Isenburg
Dan T. Simionescu

Document Type Patent


A method and product are provided for the treatment of connective tissue weakened due to destruction of tissue architecture, and in particular due to elastin degradation. The treatment agents employ certain unique properties of phenolic compounds to develop a protocol for reducing elastin degradation, such as that occurring during aneurysm formation in vasculature. According to the invention, elastin can be stabilized in vivo and destruction of connective tissue, such as that leading to life-threatening aneurysms in vasculature, can be tempered or halted all together. The treatment agents can be delivered or administered acutely or chronically according to various delivery methods, including sustained release methods incorporating perivascular or endovascular patches, use of microsphere carriers, hydrogels, or osmotic pumps.