Salt-templated microporous solids

Shiou-jyh Hwu
Qun Huang
Mutlu Ulutagay

Document Type Patent


The invention is directed to open-framework and microporous solids well suited for use in catalysis and ion exchange. The microporous solids are constructed by using a salt template which can be readily removed without destroying the framework of the micropore. Various microporous solids can be formed having different geometric structures depending upon the templating salt used and the concentration. Examples of two compounds include Na.sub.2 Cs[Mn.sub.3 (P.sub.2 O.sub.7).sub.2 ]Cl and K.sub.2.02 Cs.sub.2.90 [Cu.sub.3 (P.sub.2 O.sub.7).sub.2 ]Cl.sub.2.92. Both compounds have 3-D (Mn, Cu)--P--O frameworks.