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patent number 4171723


Crop uprooting and cultivating apparatus which includes at least one bar having at least one angled edge thereon that extends from a support at least partially across a row to be cultivated or from which crops and/or foliage are to be uprooted. The bar is rotatably supported by a support structure in cantilever fashion, leaving an outer end of the bar free. The bar may extend across a crop row in a direction generally transverse to the direction of movement of the apparatus along the row, or may be angled rearwardly with respect thereto to provide a self-cleaning action. The bar rotates beneath the surface of the soil and uproots crops and foliage as it moves along, the direction of rotation being in a direction opposite the direction of travel of the apparatus. A pair of bars may be provided, one being located on each side of a row being cultivated or where crops are to be uprooted with at least one of the bars extending a distance of more than 50 percent of the width of the row. The outer free ends of the pair of bars may overlap. A hydraulic cylinder or the like may be associated with one or all bars to move same horizontally away from the center of the crop row and return same to its normal uprooting, cultivation location. With this arrangement, the apparatus may be utilized in a method for cultivation, the bar or bars being moved away from crop plants along the row upon sight or automatic sensing of the presence of the plant and thus uprooting foliage and working the soil only between the crop plants.

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