Tree shaker

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patent number 4170100


A device operable for engagement with selected tree portions to convert rotary motion to a linear shaking motion for use in a fruit harvesting operation. The tree shaker includes tree gripping elements with a motion converter operatively connected thereto, the motion converter including a rotary mass having an input drive thereto operable to displace the mass in a first direction with control means to effect a counter-rotation of the mass in response to the first direction displacement, whereby the combination drive control results in a linear reciprocating motion of the mass which is transferred to the associated gripping means for shaking the tree portion. The apparatus can include a single motion converter for use in shaking a tree or limb or a pair of motion converters for use in shaking a tree trunk or a large tree limb. When a pair of motion converters are utilized the control means is operable for driving both converter means at the same speed and in phase to obtain a constant linear reciprocating shaking motion, or is operable for driving the two motion converters at different speeds such that the phase angle between the two converters is continuously changing to provide a continuously variable shaking action.

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Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

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