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patent number 6251322


The invention provides synthetic polymeric fibers which have utility as temporary acquisition/distribution absorbent structures and permanent storage/distribution absorbent structures in a wide range of absorbent products such as diapers, feminine napkins, and adult incontinent pads. These fibers are short, highly distorted, and bulky characterized by lengths between 2 and 37 mm, short-range distortion factors between 5 and 70, long-range distortion factors between 0.05 and 0.9, and single fiber bulk factors between 0.5 and 10.0. They may or may not have capillary channels on the surface. The advantages of these materials are their increased absorbency, reduced wet collapse at low densities, reduced rewet, reduced loss of liquid under pressure, and their ability to be desorbed by distribution materials such as capillary channeled fibers or by conventional storage materials such as fluff pulp or superabsorbent polymer fiber or powder.

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Clemson University Research Foundation (Clemson, SC)

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