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The concept of performance-based earthquake engineering has gained significant attentions in both the research and engineering communities. The development of a performance-based seismic loss assessment framework, known as the FEMA P-58 method, allows one to estimate the potential financial losses of a building using performance-based engineering method. This research employs a seismic loss estimation framework derived using the P-58 method to estimate the monetary loss of a mid-rise wood-frame hotel building which is assumed to be located in Napa Valley, California. A 3D structural model representative of the dynamic behavior of the wood-frame hotel was created and subjected to Incremental dynamic analysis (IDA). The structural demands (peak inter-story drifts, peak floor accelerations etc.) obtained from the IDA were utilized in the developed loss estimation framework to assess losses of structural and non-structural components as well as content damages. Preliminary results such as the cumulative loss functions for given intensities and annual risk curve (annual exceedance probability versus monetary loss) are presented and discussed.


16th World Conference on Earthquake, 16WCEE 2017

Santiago Chile, January 9th to 13th 2017