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IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems




This paper presents a framework for online highway travel time prediction using traffic measurements that are likely to be available from Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) systems, in which vehicle and infrastructure devices communicate to improve mobility and safety. In the proposed intelligent VII system, two artificial intelligence (AI) paradigms, namely Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Support Vector Regression (SVR), are used to determine future travel time based on such information as current travel time, VII-enabled vehicles’ flow and density. The development and performance evaluation of the VII-ANN and VII-SVR frameworks, in both of the traffic and communications domains, were conducted, using an integrated simulation platform, for a highway network in Greenville, South Carolina. Specifically, the simulation platform allows for implementing traffic surveillance and management methods in the traffic simulator PARAMICS, and for evaluating different communication protocols and network parameters in the communication network simulator, ns-2. The study’s findings reveal that the designed communications system was capable of supporting the travel time prediction functionality. They also demonstrate that the travel time prediction accuracy of the VII-AI framework was superior to a baseline instantaneous travel time prediction algorithm, with the VII-SVR model slightly outperforming the VII-ANN model. Moreover, the VII-AI framework was shown to be capable of performing reasonably well during non-recurrent congestion scenarios, which traditionally have challenged traffic sensor-based highway travel time prediction methods.


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