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Journal of Entomological Science


Georgia Entomological Society


Agapetus jocassee is a "Species of Concern" on the lists of the U.S.D.I. Fish and Wildlife Service because it is known from only three streams of the Lake Jocassee catchment in Oconee and Transylvania counties, South and North Carolina. To assist in solving identification problems and to contribute to knowledge of the distribution of this species, larvae and pupae of A. jocassee were collected from mountain streams in North and South Carolina, reared to adulthood and identified. The larva, pupa, and female of the species are described for the first time. Characters were found in those ontogenetic stages that distinguish this species from other Agapetus species whose immature stages and females are known. The species was collected from two streams other than the type localities, suggesting that it may be more widely distributed in streams of the Blue Ridge Escarpment than previously thought.


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