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Journal of Entomological Science


Georgia Entomological Society


Ninety-three species of caddisflies, representing 14 families, were identified from collections obtained from two localities on Upper Three Runs Creek, Savannah River Site, Aiken County, South Carolina. Collections of adult caddisflies were made biweekly over a 1-yr period with ultraviolet light traps. The similarity index, Jaccard's Coefficient of Communities, showed that the two sites were over 78% similar with 73 species in common. Three species, Oxyethira setosa Denning, Triaenodes smithi Ross, and Nyctiophylax serratus Lago & Harris, are new distributional records for South Carolina. Two species of Triaenodes are new to science. Other species, which were considered to be endemic to the Upper Three Runs Creek drainage, rare outside of the drainage, or of limited distribution, included Cheumatopsyche richardsoni Gordon, Oxyethira dunbartonensis Kelley, Protoptila morettii Morse, Hydrophysche elissoma Ross, Triaenodes ochraceus (Betten and Mosely), Neotrichia falca Ross, Oecetis morsei Bueno-Soria, and Pycnopsyche virginica (Banks).


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