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Journal of the North American Benthological Society


North American Benthological Society


A new species of Trichoptera, Ceraclea (C.) enodis, of the Ceraclea (C.) senilis Group, was discovered in freshwater sponge in the Little River in Montgomery County, North Carolina. Illustrations and descriptions of the male, female, larva, pupa, and larval case are given. Adults resemble those C. cancellata (Betten), the mature larva looks like that of C. maculata (Banks), the younger larva may be confused with C. transverasa (Hagen), and the pupa has anal rods rather like those of C. spngillovorax (Resh); but all life history forms can be distinguished reliably from these species by consistent morphological characters and the sponge habitat of late instar larvae. Although few or no larvae and pupae were found in streams near the type locality, adults are reported from Ontario to Georgia to Illinois and Michigan, suggesting that the species may be widespread buy local in abundance. Ceraclea enodis was found in fairly clean, 1st to 4th order streams containing the freshwater sponge Anheteromeyenia ryderi Potts (Porifera:Spongillidae) and loose, flat rocks.


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