Nonlinear Parameter Estimation in a Typical Industrial Air Handler Unit

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ASME 2017 12th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference collocated with the JSME/ASME 2017 6th International Conference on Materials and Processing




The energy usage inside of a manufacturing plant is mainly from two sources: energy demand from the production lines to support manufacturing processes, and the plant building temperature control to maintain a comfortable working environment. It is reported that in the US, 14% of the primary energy and 32% of electricity is used by the industry and commercial building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. As an important part of the HVAC system, the air handler unit (AHU) is a comprehensive air control system consisting of multiple sub-units. Accurate modeling of the supply air temperature of AHU is important for later controller design and fault detection, but it is also challenging because of the application of variable frequency drive (VFD) systems, overall degradation, and limited sensor information and meter data. Parameter estimation of the industry AHU is therefore worth studying. In this study, the authors intend to establish a deterministic physical model of AHU system, identify the unknown parameters based on the limited meter inputs, and compare the nonlinear parameter estimation results with the design parameters, in order to achieve the goal of improving the modeling accuracy without installing expensive metering systems.