Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

First Advisor

Thomas McPeak

Second Advisor

Harold N. Cooledgel

Third Advisor

Farrell B. Brown


This thesis will examine three areas which are pertinent to my field of endeavor: 1, an explanation of why I have chosen painting as a means of expression; 2, an explanation of why I have chosen to paint realistically; 3, a description of technique and method illustrated through examples of my work. I have chosen painting as a method of expression because it is the art form that has the capability to best communicate my ideas. Although other art forms can certainly translate one's thoughts, painting is the most effective means of expression for my personality. It is, therefore, a way in which I can convey what I feel about the world around me, in the hope that others may experience the same feeling. There are many factors reponsible for my approach to painting. One, I paint realistically as the result of visual influences of the American life style: television, movies, magazines -- a barrage of realistic images. Two, my humanistic concerns seem best expressed in realistic terms. Three, my contradictory reaction to Abstract and Pop Art has influenced my tendency toward realistic painting. Lastly, I enjoy realistic painting because its impact is direct, and its audience is not limited. My technique is realistic because I hope to reveal through my work what I see. To accomplish this goal, my painting begin as photographs or portions of photographs. The camera enables me to see my subjects more precisiely without depending on my mind's interpeation of what it thinks it sees. Most of my works deal with people because I feel that it is through them that I can most directly convey my reaction to humanity as I see it in my time and place. I try to relate this reaction to the viewer so he may experience an awareness of, and an intimacy with, the subject, who might have seemed inconsequential in everday life, but who takes on a new significance in this type of confrontation.