Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department

Visual Studies

First Advisor

Thomas McPeak

Second Advisor

John N. Aum

Third Advisor

Vermon S. Hodges


In graduate school I have pursued activities which have enabled me to further cultivate my visual insight. This has involved the refinement of my painting and drawing techniques. By increasing my visual vocabulary, I moved towards a synthesis of my random methods and interest. This was achieved by concentrated studio time and contributions from faculty and peers. My particular concern with line and pressure enriched and expanded my comprehension of texture and the illusion of spcae. My use of color was governed by intution. All of this was reinforced by studying art history, and by making several trips to the museums and galleries in New York City. A process has been codified which frees me to concentrate on the more subjective elements of my work. I have done a series of portraits of friends and historical figures which delve beyond a simple recognition of features. My aim is to articulate my emotional and spiritual understanding of the individual. By going from a general sensation to a specific interpretation, I arrive at a personification of the truth of the lie. Moreover, I have done drawings and painting which both reflect the human condition and display my experimental nature. In closing, I have reached an essential understanding of the relationship between myself and my work.