A Technical Education Center Colleton County South Carolina

Joseph David Schmidt, Clemson University


Within our academic insitutional structure in the past several decades there has been a general concensus that a more comprehensive system of educating students is needed to meet the demands of an increasingly diversified society. It has been estimated that an average of two and a half million young adults leave our nation's public school system annually without having the opportunity to adequately prepare for careers. This situation stems for the fact that "although only twenty percent of jobs require baccalaureate, more that half of high school students are preparing for college work, and only twenty percent of high school students recieve preparation through vocational education for the remaining eighty percent of the jobs." An understanding of this problem has led to the federally subsidized concept of technical education in this country. Through promotion, technical school enrollments have been increasing at a constant rate of more than ten percent a year, indicating a strong market for this type of facility for some years to come.