Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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First Advisor

Henry G. Tefort

Second Advisor

H. Rabunson

Third Advisor

Farrell B. Brown


There have been many investigations made of the adherence mechanism of ground coat porcelain enamels to sheet steel. As a result of theses studies several theories have been proposed to explain the adherence phenomenon. This study has shown the enamel-metal interface with the Scanning Electron Microscope. This study shows that examination at low-angle cross-sections of an enameled specimen reveals five difference areas across the interface. They are: 1) the metal, 2) detached metal particles, 3) and 4) two porous or pitted areas, and 5) the bubbly glass structure. With the aid of different etchant solutions and different compositional variables an explanation for these different areas was developed.