A New Awakening: An New Baptist Church for Liberty, North Carolina

James D. Dawkins


Baptist church architecture in the United States today is losing its uniqueness. Baptist history and heritage have lost their architectural expression. Church architecture in general has become increasingly non-denominational, responding to all faiths, and sadly Baptists have yielded to this trend. There is a pressing need to re-discover those qualities and characteristics unique to Baptists and to determine how they can influence and strengthen Baptist church architecture. Research into the nature of religion and its theoretical practical, and sociological impact on religious man and his places of worship will serve as a foundation for more detailed investigations into church architecture. Baptist history, traditions, liturgies, beliefs, doctrines, philosophies, and theologies as well as historical and contemporary examples of Baptist churches and their forms, shapes, and arrangements will be thoroughly examined in an effort to find liturgical and architectural elements unique to Baptists. The design proposal examines the llaptist worship space and its supporting components. It attempts to integrate Christian worship, Christian education, and Christian fellowship, and provide a place for Baptists to grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually in the presence of God. It explores the Baptist church's role as a spiritual institution, indeed, as the House of God.