Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department

Visual Studies

First Advisor

Thomas McPeak

Second Advisor

James A. Stockham

Third Advisor

Ireland G. Reqnier


This thesis examines an investigation of painting and sculpture made over the past two years. It is divided into three parts: Introduction of Sources, Development of Techniques, and Resulting Conclusions. The work shows response to an interest in nature. The images were derived from observation of the world around me. These works are related to an investigation of biomorphic and geometric images in nature. To achieve this goal, I utilized the technique of welding metal and casting. These techniques proved to be adaptable for creating form, line and space. Also the welding metal method allowed the extended properties of steel to be expressed three dimensionally. The casting method was utilized to produce surface textures and shapes that are related to biomorphic forms. I extracted forms, lines, textgures and colors that express the qualities that are present in living matter. The investigation has taken plance in two different forms: sculpture and painting. These were employed because they proved to be the most effective means to express the actual form in reality. These forms present the new aesthetic potentials that are present in combining and manipulating materials that contrast visually.