Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Legacy Department

Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Nelson R. Bauldy, Jr.

Second Advisor

Herbert W. Busching

Third Advisor

A. E. Schwertz


A general theory for the bending and stretching of circular sandwich plates under rotationally symmetrical temperature distributions and mechanical tractions is developed. The conceptual model of the sandwich plate assumes that the face-sheets are made from the same isotropic material and are of equal thicknesses. The core material is assumed to be a statistically homogeneous isotropic continuum capable of resisting both transverse normal and shearing deformations. Moreover, the face-sheets are considered to be attached to the core material at their inner surfaces. A system of five linear simultaneous ordinary differential equations of fourteenth order is obtained by means of the principle of minimum total potential energy. The method of Frobenius is employed to obtain the complementary solution of this system of equations, and the particular solution is obtained also in the form of a power series. All series have been shown to be uniformly convergent Explicit express ions for the displacements and stress -resultants are derived and a detailed study of the numerical implementation of the theory is made. Solution for complete circular sandwich plate under uniform temperature distributions on the two face-sheets with various edge supports are presented.