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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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First Advisor

Nixex D. Shenill

Second Advisor

E. P. Shillarll

Third Advisor

Farrell B. Brown


The coupling parameter (Vs /Vp)o was measured for superconducting de transformers as a function of the separation of the two films and of the thickness of the primary film . In all experiments both the primary and secondary films were of tin, and the secondary film thickness was fixed at 200 nm . The tin films were separated by a layer of silicon monoxide. With the primary film thickness fixed at 400 nm, (Vs /Vp)o decreased from one to zero as the separation increased from 500 to 1200 nm . With the separation fixed at 30 nm, (Vs/Vp)o decreased from one to zero as the primary film thickness decreased from 75 nm to 45 nm . An experimental determination of the maximum coupling force on a fluxon in the superconducting de transformer was made by depressing (Vs /V p)o to zero by applying a current in the secondary film antiparallel to the primary film transport current . Comparison of this experimental maximum coupling force per fluxon to a theoretical maximum coupling force per fluxon for an isolated fluxon showed the experimental values to be less than the theoretical values by a factor of ten .