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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering

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Makram, Elham B

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Makram , Elham B

Committee Member

Girgis , Adly A

Committee Member

Xu , Xiao-Bang


The steady state analysis of the impact of offshore wind on the South Carolina power transmission was conducted in three phases of incremental wind energy injection into the system using forecasted base power flow. The simulation of Phase I involved the generation capacity of 80 MW projected for 2014 in state water. The modeling Phases II and III, which will distribute the energy among neighboring utilities, involve a supplementary capacity of 1000 MW projected for 2020 and 2000 MW for 2030 in federal water. In addition to this steady state investigation, a contingency analysis was performed on the power system after successfully simulating Phase II of the project to evaluate its robustness during outages. Based on the experience of the Europeans in the implementation of offshore wind farms, recommendations were made for designing the transmission system to deliver wind power efficiently to the grid.
Next, the wind power and the load demand historical data obtained from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) power system were analyzed to confirm known wind patterns and its relation to the load. The hourly unpredictability of wind means it functions as a load modifier given that conventional generation is committed based on the wind availability. As a result, a probabilistic approach was developed to help predict the portion of the load covered by wind power during two periods of the day on a monthly, seasonal and annual basis using a given annual hourly wind power to load ratio.



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