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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Psychology

Committee Chair/Advisor

Raymark, Patrick

Committee Member

Pagano , Christopher C

Committee Member

Switzer , Fred S


When making a decision, people often receive advice before settling on a particular course of action. Decision makers exhibit a spectrum of responses to advice, ranging from total rejection to complete acceptance. The purpose of this study is to examine predictors of advice use within a Judge Advisor System (JAS: Sniezek & Buckley, 1995). Prior research has examined a variety of task characteristics, advisor characteristics, and decision maker characteristics (e.g. Bonaccio, 2007; Gino & Moore, 2007; Yaniv & Kleinberger, 2000). In this study, judge characteristics including confidence, accuracy, prior task knowledge, and other individual differences are examined. Advisor characteristics such as advice cost and advisor expertise are manipulated between persons. Results indicated that judge accuracy, confidence, and prior task knowledge were all negatively related to advice utilization. Advice was weighted more heavily when the judge was told that the advice came from an expert than from a novice, but advice cost did not influence advice use. Implications and future research directions are discussed.



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