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Master of Science (MS)

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Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Committee Chair/Advisor

Barcelona, Robert

Committee Member

Anderson , Denise

Committee Member

Brookover , Robert


Students play a vital role in the leadership and delivery of campus recreation programs. The purpose of this study was to investigate best practices related to effective student development techniques in high quality campus recreation programs affiliated with NIRSA (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association). NIRSA , in collaboration with CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards), educates collegiate recreational sports professionals on the importance of providing a rich learning environment for student employees (, 2010). A campus recreation professional can put student development theory to practice and the student employee can gain effective professional development.
Data were collected through a Delphi study, using both qualitative and quantitative methods in all four rounds. A panel of experts consisting of the six 2009 Regional Vice Presidents of the NIRSA organization were asked to participate, as well as five Campus Recreation professionals from each region chosen by the Regional Vice Presidents. Thirty of those thirty six people agreed to participate (N=30). Data were collected through a web based survey created through Snap 9 Professional. Delphi panel members advocated five general best practices and 21 specific best practices. The five general best practices are; leadership opportunities, performance assessment, training and orientation, personal relationships and professional development. The results of this study provide a framework of best practices that campus recreation professionals can implement in their departments to enhance student development of their student employees.



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