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Master of Science (MS)

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Plant and Environmental Science


Adelberg, Jeffrey W


In vitro culture of three Scutellaria species (S. lateriflora, S. costaricana and S. baicalensis) compared growth on different culture systems; agar and liquid cultures; stationary (LS), agitated (LA) and floating paper (FP). Fresh (FW), dry (DW), % dry weight (%DW=DW/FW), multiplication ratio (MR) and, sucrose, media and water use were compared. LA and LS plantlets were more hyperhydric, had more biomass, except S. baicalensis in LS, and less MR compared to agar and FP plantlets. A second experiment was conducted comparing liquid, agar and polyester fiber matrixes at different initial media volumes-30 mL and 20 mL. Plantlets from fiber had higher % DW for all species. Plantlets from LS were all hyperhydric. Agar and fiber grown plantlets had higher MR and were less hyperhydric compared to LS plantlets. Fiber matrix prevented hyperhydricity and provided greatest % DW, with high MR.

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Agriculture Commons