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Master of Science (MS)

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Graphic Communications

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Ingram, Samuel T

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O'Hara , Liam

Committee Member

Tonkin , Chip


A survey was taken of professionals in the printed electronics industry to determine the basic educational requirements the industry had of a student graduating with a degree in graphic communications or printing sciences. A test was conducted of graphic communication seniors graduating in May 2010 to determine their fundamental knowledge of printed electronics. Data obtained from the industry survey was used to determine the relevant components of a basic printed electronics education. The data obtained from the graduating senior examination determined their areas of knowledge of printed electronics. The needs identified from the industry survey were compared to the areas of knowledge of graphic communications graduating seniors. The knowledge deficiencies of graduating students were identified, and analyzed. It was determined that present graphic communications education is insufficient to meet the needs of the printed electronics industry. Further research was proposed to update graphic communication education to meet the needs of the printed electronics industry.

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Education Commons



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