Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Civil Engineering


Chowdhury, Mashrur A.

Committee Member

Ogle , Jennifer H.

Committee Member

Brame , Scott


Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) enhances the performance of modern transportation systems by improving the reliability of travel times and reducing the risk of collisions and injuries. Recently, many public agencies have expressed a need for an ITS asset management system that will effectively and efficiently meet their requirements of managing associated resources, which often includes technologically sophisticated devices, computer hardware and software, and communications infrastructure. To address this need, the author evaluated different asset management systems for their potential efficacy to support public agencies requirements for an ITS asset management system. These requirements were identified through a nationwide survey of public agencies. This thesis included an evaluation of NexusWorx, a customized ITS asset management system along with the Enterprise Based GIS and Microsoft Access, based on a case study conducted on a selected site in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Multi-attribute utility analysis was performed to identify the relative utility of these three potential ITS asset management system. The capabilities of three systems were evaluated based on their performance and finally, a comprehensive evaluation was performed considering system capabilities and costs. The multi-attribute utility analysis revealed that Enterprise based GIS received the highest rating in terms of system capability. In the comprehensive evaluation, Nexusworx and Enterprise based GIS have received similar utility. This study concludes that if an agency has an Enterprise based GIS system, it would be effective to use ITS asset management on top of its existing system. If any agency does not have Enterprise based GIS system, they can either adopt a customized ITS asset management system or they might consider to develop an Enterprise based GIS supported asset management system for ITS, which will eventually be useful for managing other assets as well. House of Quality (HQ) analysis was performed as another evaluation method that visually demonstrated similar findings as the multi-attribute utility analysis.



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