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Master of Arts (MA)

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Professional Communication


Taylor, Summer


This study examines the ways in which experienced and novice consultants in different organizational settings think about and use e-mail for communication to superiors. The methods by which novices in the workplace communicate via e-mail, especially to superiors, present a gap in the literature. Comparing novice and experienced employee e-mail behavior across organizational boundaries yielded several findings. First, employees seem to use particular decision criteria when formulating e-mail messages to managers, including considerations of the message's recipient and purpose. Novices seem most attuned to hierarchical levels and to the revision opportunities available through e-mail. Second, organizational context appears to affect the way in which e-mail is used by both novice and experienced employees. The two organizations' varying lines of business and hierarchical structures led the participants to emphasize certain e-mail attributes over others. And third, study participants across experience levels and organizations have difficulty in balancing relationship and organizational needs.

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Linguistics Commons



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