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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts


McDonald, Todd

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Cross , Sydney

Committee Member

Jensen , Heidi


Through the mediums of painting and drawing, I seek to create a figure that communicates particular states of being relative to contemporary conditions in society. Today we are individuals consumed by visual media and interconnectivity. I question -in wake of those conditions- how often we are self-aware. By living our lives through these two devices, we increasingly satisfy external needs, but may neglect internal needs. This situation, I believe, causes a dislocation of mind from body, and allows us to behave body-less. The distortion that we feel viscerally and live physically is actualized through the paint and drawing mediums. An effective combination of paint and colored pencil manipulate the surface to create a more physical sense of the human body, contrary to representations conveyed in a photo or media source. Realistic and abstract elements that make up or apply force on the human figure create an imagined environment that simulates real life conditions. Varied objectives concerning color, pose, and arrangement throughout the entire series reveal an empirical narrative. It describes not a story, but reveals the non-visual boundaries between mind and body, in order to emphasize visceral and physical experience as important. Through drawing and painting, I can communicate my experiences through a visual form. I am not trying to separate myself from society; rather I think of how relative we are to one another in how these conditions affect our daily lives. As displayed by my figures in my imagery, life is constant and transitory. It shapes and transforms the people we are.

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