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Master of Arts (MA)

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Maloney, Michael T

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Sauer , Raymond D

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Simon , Curtis J


The innovation of P2P technology in digital world challenges the present copyright institutions and retailers. People are declined to look for the protection from the traditional law in digital circumstance. As the trend of extending copyright protection term across the world, most intellectual property institutions implement new technologies to deal with such situation. This paper uses a panel of country-level data to investigate the extent to which this is a consequence of the extension of copyright protection. Utilizing the economic model, the analysis suggests that the economic effects of implementing DRM technology are generally negative, albeit uncertain. The available evidence suggests the implementation of the technologies like DRM (Digital Rights Management) in copyright protection is likely to have little significant effects on music sales. The key factors that may have impact on music sales include Population, GDP, Internet Penetration and Domestic Piracy. Confronting the impact of new technological innovation, there might be temporarily declination in music industry and confusion in digital property protection system, but a balancing situation will finally be reached.

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