Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Mathematical Science

Committee Chair/Advisor

Kulasekera, Karunarathna B

Committee Member

Park , Chanseok


We consider nonparametric estimation of a smooth regression function of one variable. In practice it is quite popular to use the data to select one global smoothing parameter. Such global selection procedures cannot sufficiently account for local sparseness of the covariate nor can they adapt to local curvature of the regression function. We propose a new method to select local smoothing parameters which takes into account sparseness and adapts to local curvature of the regression function. A Bayesian method allows the smoothing parameter to adapt to the local sparseness of the covariate and provides the basis for a local cross validation procedure which adjusts smoothing according to local curvature of the regression function. Simulation evidence indicates that the method can result in significant reduction of both point-wise mean squared error and integrated mean squared error of the estimators.



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