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Master of Science (MS)

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Sinclair, Robert R

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Britt , Thomas W

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Pury , Cynthia


I review the construct of work engagement and discuss the Job demands-Resources (JD-R) model, a theory to describe the causes of engagement. The study investigates the inclusion of personal resources in the JD-R model. This research tests the hypothesis that personal resources (self-efficacy, optimism, and self-esteem) will mediate the relationship between organizational resources (method control and social support) and engagement. The hypotheses were tested in a longitudinal design with a sample of nurses from the Northwestern United States (N = 428). Method control significantly predicted self-esteem, and coworker support significantly predicted selfefficacy. Further, supervisor support and self-efficacy predicted dedication, and self-efficacy predicted vigor. This study contributed to the literature by providing an extensive theoretical explanation of the resource-engagement processes, testing the mechanisms with a longitudinal design, and providing possible directions for an environmental intervention to enhance personal strengths.