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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts

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Detrich, David

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Cross , Sydney

Committee Member

Feeser , Andrea

Committee Member

McDonald , Todd


My current body of work strives to elevate the discarded to the transcendent, to take the unwanted and bring it to new life. I choose to transform materials in a way that challenges perceptions of space and material. The work also serves to create an experience for the viewer, an experience that may allow an escape from the mundane of every day life and journey, for a moment, to a world that embraces unexpected emotion.
With obsolescence in mind, I tend to use materials that are found throughout scrap yards, surplus warehouses, and anywhere else I may find underutilized materials that stir my curiosity. I enjoy how I am able to take something that has been discarded and reuse it in a manner unintended from its origin. Through this line of material usage, I wish to recalibrate the viewers understanding and value of the discarded. The re-utilization of materials is a primary function of my work. It illuminates the understanding of the manner in which the discarded may be regarded as something of value and importance.

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Fine Arts Commons



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