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Master of Science (MS)

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Packaging Science


Cooksey, Kay

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Cooksey , Robert

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Gerard , Patrick

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Batt , Gregory


A data recorder was utilized to record in-flight vibration of a turbo propeller aircraft. The data recorded produced power spectral density (PSD) profiles which are currently used in laboratory settings to drive vibration tables in order to simulate a particular vehicle type. Overall Grms values from the averaged data were then statistically compared to published standards and other studies to determine if there were differences in overall Grms values.
The data recorder was rigidly mounted to the cargo area of the turbo propeller aircraft. Thirty flights were recorded which varied in flight time from less than one hour to greater than four hours.
When compared to published standards and other standards there was significant evidence to conclude that the overall Grms levels of all studies were different. The general shape of the profile had similarities at given frequencies when compared to the published standards, but all had different overall Grms levels.
The data collected from this research study could be utilized for packaging research when developing products and packages that will pass through a distribution cycle which includes transportation via a turbo propeller aircraft. The PSD profiles which were analyzed from this research could be utilized to simulate in-flight aircraft vibration of the aircraft chassis in a laboratory environment. This will enable further research in the air transport environment and aid in the optimization of package design and testing.

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