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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Computer Science

Committee Chair/Advisor

Jacobs, David

Committee Member

Duchowski , Andrew

Committee Member

Stevenson , D.E.


MIDI is a standard digital protocol for the communication of musical events. In this paper, we examine the construction of a complex system to validate musical performance characteristics without compromising musical interpretation through the use and evaluation of MIDI messages. Beginning music students often have a difficult time translating written, musical characteristics to the correlating sound that they imply. Even though a teacher can effectively help a student through this learning process, the process can typically be slow, as evaluation of musical performances happens only once a week during a thirty minute lesson. Prior research has shown that a model, such as the proposed system, increases the pace of learning. While some commercial, Windows-based applications do exist, we propose a solution for evaluation in real-time giving the student immediate feedback rather than at the end of a performance. We take a detailed look at the development process of our application, Blunote, in a Linux environment built on ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) for the beginning piano student.



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