Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Electrical Engineering


Dawson, Darren


This Masters thesis describes the design and implementation of control strategies for the following topics of research: i) Whole Arm Grasping Control for Redundant Robot Manipulators, ii) Neural Network Grasping Controller for Continuum Robots and, iii) Coordination Control for Haptic and Teleoperator Systems.

An approach to whole arm grasping of objects using redundant robot manipulators is presented. A kinematic control which facilitates the encoding of both the end-effector position, as well as body self-motion positioning information as a desired trajectory signal for the manipulator joints is developed.

An approach is presented to whole arm grasping control for continuum robots. The grasping controller is developed in two stages; high level path planning for the grasping objective, and a low level joint controller using a neural network feedforward component to compensate for dynamic uncertainties.

Lastly, two controllers are developed for nonlinear haptic and teleoperator systems for coordination of the master and slave systems.