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Master of Arts (MA)

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Morris, Keith L

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Bennett , Dr. Alma

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Koon , Dr. Bill


Light along the River is a creative manuscript featuring a collection of ten short stories that loosely connect with each other. The collection is separated into two parts, with each part occurring in a three day span. The stories focus on a group of characters who live in a fictional present-day small Southern town. Each story is a glimpse into a certain character's life. Description of detail is heavily focused on, as well as the actions of each character. Descriptive images and detailed scenes, instead of a specific narrator, are used prevalently in order to tell the story. This collection is accompanied by an introduction detailing the author's influences, and an exploration into the content and style of the short stories. The introduction also explores the effect that mill closings and the rise of methamphetamine use has had on society in a small southern town. The work includes a bibliography, which is a short list of works the author consulted during the development of the creative manuscript.