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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Visual Arts

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Anderson Wrangle

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David Detrich

Committee Member

Beth Lauritis


This body of work addresses humanity’s relationship with digital technology from a personal perspective. Through constructed photography and sculptural work, I point to the connections between humans, machines, and nature, emphasizing the blurred lines between each of these entities. By revealing overlaps and associations between them, I seek to reconcile digital connection and emotional connection. I believe reconciliation may come through the acknowledgment of digital technology’s influence, and the subversion of convenience for the sake of quality human connections.

The images within this series reside at the intersection of self-portraiture and documentary. A dialogue is formed between the subjects through the juxtaposition of organic and synthetic materials, such as the human body, fungi, and various manufactured objects. Their interactions within the photographs reinforce ideas of boundaries and invasion. Many of the images and videos are direct and closely cropped, allowing the viewer to step into my own perspective. While my examination of digital technology’s impact is not comprehensive, it serves as an access point for viewers to formulate their own questions about technology’s impact on their own lived experience. Instead of offering the viewer a specific resolution, I exhibit my own process of understanding through investigation and thus provide opportunities for inquiry and self-evaluation.

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Photography Commons



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